The new CD “dark” is doing just what ALCHEMIE hoped it would--representing them as they envision their music, and creating new opportunities in Albuquerque. 

First, ALCHEMIE had the honor of being chosen as the "Featured Artists of the Month" for March on the web is Albuquerque's premier music web site, featuring "all things music" here in the City.

SecondKOB-TV 4 will present the first of several band interviews and live performances of songs from "dark" on the “Good Day New Mexico program and the first airing will be Friday, March 24th between 11-12am. 

Third, ALCHEMIE will be featured in an interview with Albuquerque the Magazine in the upcoming May issue. 

Albuquerque has a world-class music and arts scene and ALCHEMIE is happy to be here: not too shabby for a band that started a little over a year ago! They work really hard at their music and don't take anything for granted in the ever-changing world of music. Visit them at alchemielab.