ALCHEMIE IS ORIGINALTHANK YOU for all of you who voted for ALCHEMIE as Best Local Band; they are in the Top 5 Bands in Albuquerque, the Magazine's Annual Poll and got there withOriginal Music!



BEST OF BURQUE On the City front - would you please vote for ALCHEMIE in the "Best of Burque" poll sponsored by the Alibi?  ALCHEMIE always posts performances in the Alibi and would get some really tasty and well publicized gigs here in ABQ if they got enough votes AS BEST PERFORMING ARTS GROUP--a fun way to serve you loyal New Mexico fans.  VOTING ENDS JANUARY 31.  Click here and thank you!

On the International front - please help ALCHEMIE expand its horizons and vote for them in the internationally acclaimed Independent Music Awards, to which they have submitted the NMMA award-winning 2017 album "dark"; click on the IMA logo for details and to vote.  ALCHEMIE appreciates your support and are grateful for their fans. VOTE FOR ALCHEMIE AT IMA